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Learn how to join the Contender Esports Franchise Network with ALL the benefits for a fraction of the investment.










Learn Why Your Esports Business Can have 100% of the Market

In most cities, our Contender Esports locations own 100% of the market share of customers. Nearly everyone you know either plays video games or knows someone that does. These can ALL be YOUR customers.

Discover the Power of Running a Business with Others in the Same Brand

Yes, you can do this business yourself. But who will answer the million ongoing questions you have about tech, networking, games, operations, licensing, marketing, events, working with schools, etc?  You don't need to be alone.

Start Your Business with 90% Less Money Than Ever Offered Before

Our main franchise locations already offer the best investment deal available. But you may have limited space and a smaller budget. Watch how we now can help YOU get into the game with the first ever 5x franchise system.

"“This is what we definitely needed, more options, a 10x would be great for my little island as a start in the Bahamas, I will speak with my business partners about this Brett”"

M Cooper
The Bahamas

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Our 5x and 10x were built exclusively for international locations, and we believe this can fit nearly every budget ... and we wanted to invite you to see what is going on. We'll keep it short and to the point. We promise!

July 2022 Update

Check out the latest news of what Contender Esports has been up to. This will give you a glimpse of what YOU can be a part of. See you at the webinar!


Do you want to experience a Contender Esports Grand Opening party and see what all the hype is about? Click the video below and take a tour with Brett around the NEW Tulsa Oklahoma Contender Esports location. Contender Esports is bringing excitement across America, wanna join the party?

About Contender Esports - Tulsa, Oklahoma

1. Tulsa, Oklahoma is Contender Esport's NEWEST location and there is much more to come! Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Website!

2. Fun Facts about Tulsa Oklahoma - Used to be the "Oil Capital of the World" for six decades, the classic movie "The Outsiders" was filmed in Tulsa during the '80s, and Tulsa has more man-made lakes than any other city in the United States.

3. How can you be a part of Contender Esports? Simply watch the webinar and fill out the form at the end and we'll do the rest!

Will a Contender Esports work in your city? Let's find out together! Talk to you soon, Brett Payne


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